It’s official…

Posted by barb on Nov 8, 2007 in Random Thoughts |

…I’m an idiot.

I know I’ve said it before, and some of you already believe me. But for those of you who still have faith that I’m not an idiot, please give it up. I am. I have proof.

What’s the latest proof, you ask? Let me set it up a little first.

As most readers know, I’m a grad student. I’m hoping to defend my thesis in March of next year, so a mere five months from now. That means that I’m in the intensive writing stage, in addition to trying to finish up the data analysis. On top of that, I have a half-time real job which sucks up as much time as I let it. Then, there’s my recent travel schedule: in August I was in MN for fun, in September I went to Chicago for a meting, October I was in Huntsville for a meeting. I’m writing this entry from Denver, where I have a meeting. Coming up I’ve got Austin in January (though, I’m trying to get out of this on), possibly Chicago in February for fun, New York in March to run a workshop, LA in April for a meeting, and St. Louis in June for a meeting.

Did you get that? Of the last 6 months in 2007, I will have traveled during four of those months. And of the first 6 months of 2008, I will be traveling at worst 5 of them, and at best 3. While finishing my PhD. And working part-time. And trying to keep myself sane with a small semblance of a personal life.

Here’s where the “me being an idiot” comes in. I agreed to another trip. In December.



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