Pandamania, Trip 10 — And Final!

Posted by barb on Sep 11, 2004 in Around DC, Pictures

We took our last panda hunting trip today. We had just two pandas left — the one at the Anacostia Museum (were we’d tried to go a couple weeks ago, but failed miserably due to DC’s Escher-like road lay-out), and the one at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel is at 1330 Maryland Ave, SE — an address that according to both Yahoo! Maps and Mapquest does not exist. Fortunately, as we got close, there were green signs directing us to the hotel.

There is acutally one more panda, but it was stolen early in the Pandamania installation. Sigh.

One other note: the pandas are going to be gathered up over the next couple weeks and moved to one of two locations to prepare for the auction (the Mariott Wardman Park Hotel and American University — check out the Pandamania gallery page for more). They will be on display during daylight hours, so it’s a great way to see a bunch of the pandas without as much effort and Andrew and I have put forth over the summer.

As usual, I have pictures posted on Flickr.

Panda Tales Emperor P’ing
Panda Tales Emperor P'ing
Me with the last panda!
Emperor P'ing and Me


Pandamania, Trip 9

Posted by barb on Sep 5, 2004 in Around DC, Pictures

We are sooooo close to seeing all of the pandas around town. After today’s trip, we have seen 147 of the original 150 pandas. Sadly, one of them was stolen, so we only have two pandas left to see (one of those we tried to see today, but couldn’t figure out where it was).

As usual, I have pictures posted on Flickr.

Here are a few of my favorites from today’s adventures:

Ocean Snack
Ocean Snack Ocean Snack
PANDAbandana PANDAbandana's bandana
Panorama Panda
pandamania_trip9_panorama_1_0904 Panorama Panda's Head


Pandamania, Trip 8 (!)

Posted by barb on Aug 29, 2004 in Around DC, Pictures

Today’s panda-hunting trip did not find Andrew nor me at our best. This trip was meant to catch the pandas that aren’t easily accessible by Metro, and I had carefully plotted out driving directions to several of the pandas. As usual when using driving directions to navigate DC, we found the directions lacking, and had to scramble to figure out an alternate route. Andrew did a great job navigating, and did get us to 7 of the pandas. Sadly, we ended up missing 5 of them due to…um…road weirdness beyond our control.

As usual, I have pictures posted on Flickr.

Here’s my favorite from today’s trip:
Arthur PanDragon


Pandamania, Trip 7

Posted by barb on Aug 22, 2004 in Around DC, Pictures

One of the reasons for our trip to the National Zoo was to see the Pandamania Panda’s there and near the Woodley Park Metro. There were seven in all — we have just 22 pandas left to see after today (including the one that was stolen…we may never get to see that one).

As usual, I have pictures posted on Flickr.

My favorite one on todays trip is Will You Miss Us?, a panda depicting several endangered species:
Will You Miss Us? &nbsp Will You Miss Us?

Sadly, this one shows some vandalism — those white spots look like someone “keyed” it or something.



Posted by barb on Aug 22, 2004 in Around DC, Pictures

We got up early this morning to go down to the National Zoo and see the new tiger cubs. The cubs are only out in the habitat from 7:30 – 9:30 AM, so we had to be up by 6:30AM to get there and watch them for a while. It was well worth it. I have an album up for our trip, but here are a few of my favorite shots:

Tiger Cub Tangle Cubs and Mamma
Tumbling Tigers Baby tigers playing
Tiger Cub Keepers Getting the Cubs Inside
Baby Tiger Handlers getting the baby tigers in
Lounging Lions
Lounging Lions Lion tumbly
Hidden Hippo Panda Tumbly
Hippo in the water Lounging Panda

Oh! One other thing. I’ve been to the zoo a couple times now, and I’ve been to the gift shop near the big cats and the one near the pandas. This was the first time I went to the one in the Visitor’s Center. Wow! This was a higher class of gift shop. It might not be the best one for the kids, but for the adults who want something a bit classier from their trip to the zoo, I strongly recommend visiting this gift shop above the others. They do still have most of the same kids-oriented toys, but in addition, there were two displays of lovely jewelry, a display of arty ceramic animals, and a large book section. I spent way too much there.


Pandamania, Trip 6

Posted by barb on Aug 8, 2004 in Around DC, Pictures

We are not insane. I just want to see allof the pandas, that’s all.

We went out on our sixth panda hunting trip today. This trip was not as prolific as previous trips because we’re starting to go for the pandas that are out in the fringes. We spend way more time on the Metro than actually seeing pandas.

I’ve posted pictures on Flickr.

While we didn’t see as many pandas today, we saw a lot more that were intersting than on our previous trip. Here a just a couple of my favorites:

Bearnaked Ladies
Bearnaked Ladies Bearnaked Ladies
Crouching Tiger Hidden Panda
Crouching Tiger Hidden Panda Crouching Tiger Hidden Panda

Oh and one other thing we saw was almost too weird to be beilevable. When we approached the Panda of the Opera, there was a little girl there with a Crayola marker, drawing on his vest. Where were her parents? Her mother was standing there watching. What is wrong with people? Fortunately Andrew walked up the the girl and gently pulled the marker away from the panda and said something like, “These are not to draw on.” The mother and daughter then returned into a nearby restaurant. If I had taken care of the situation, I would likely be in jail right now for assault and battery. What f*&#ing nerve.


Pandamania, Trip 5

Posted by barb on Jul 31, 2004 in Around DC, Pictures

We went out for our fifth panda-hunting trip today. This time we used the Metro a bit more than on other trips, picking up smaller pockets of pandas in downtown DC.

One of our stops was at the Shops at 2000 Penn. There were originally two pandas inside the mall in 2 pandas outside the mall; however, this has become a sancutary for the pandas that have been vandalized in their original locations. As a result, there were actually about seven pandas inside the mall. The ones that have been moved included Red Pandagon, Cro-Magnon Panda, Jazz-E Panda, and The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, all of which we’d already seen in their original DC locations (though, the Cro-Magnon Bear had already been vandalized before we saw him). In addition to these bears, Rail Fence Panda, Coin Panda, Booted (which we’d tried to find on our last trip), and PandArt! are now in the mall. It was quite upsetting to see these vandalized bears in the mall, and I nearly cried when I saw what the vandals had done to PandArt!. People are so inconsiderate.

I’ve posted pictures on Flickr.

Pandragon II Dreamtime Walkabout
Pandragon II Dreamtime Walkabout
Pandulum Pandulum
Pandominium, The Bird Sanctuary
Pandominium, The Bird Sanctuary Pandominium, The Bird Sanctuary


Pandamania, Trip 4

Posted by barb on Jul 11, 2004 in Around DC, Pictures

Yup, that’s right. We went out Panda Hunting again this weekend. My secret goal is to see all of the pandas without completely wearing us down. When the Party Animals were in town a couple years ago, we didn’t go out until late in the summer (September, even?), and we wore ourselves out for two weekends seeing as many as we could. I wanted an earlier start this year, and more manageable trips each time.

I’ve posted pictures on Flickr.

We saw many, many cute and fun ones today. It was refreshing to see some new ways to do Washington landscapes. Most of the landscapes we’ve seen, both in the Pandamania exhibits and the Party Animals, are traditional, which, while nice, get old after you’ve seen a couple. This time we saw a couple neat ones, specifically Panda-a-round town and Phosphroescent Panda.

It was diffucult to pick just a few favorites, but here goes:

Panda van Gogh
Panda van Gogh
Panda van Gogh
Bearly Discernable
Bearly Discernable
A little lizard on the bear…hee hee hee
Bearly Discernable's lizard
China Doll
China Doll
Detail of her hair decoration
China Doll


Arlington Oddness

Posted by barb on Jul 6, 2004 in Around DC, Pictures

On our way to the Rosslyn Metro Station yesterday, after panda hunting, we saw a couple weird things. First, on the Key Bridge, we saw these faces painted on one of the cement squares:
Graffiti in Arlington

Andrew commented that it looked like the Sliders guy, Jerry O’Connell. Then, after we crossed the bridge, we saw this:
Graffiti in Arlington

Andrew realized that the face was the same as what we saw on the bridge (plus, there was another face painted on a concrete pillar on the other side of the sidewalk).

Anyone know what this is about??


Pandamania, Trip 3

Posted by barb on Jul 5, 2004 in Around DC, Pictures

We went out for our third trip panda hunting today — the trip we’d planned for Saturday, but had to abort due to back pain. Fortunately, Andrew was back up to par today, so we took advantage of the holiday.

I’ve posted pictures on Flickr, but here are a couple of my favorites from the day’s trip:

Peter Panda, that shows scenes of the story of Peter Pan:
Peter Panda Peter Panda

The Pur-r-r-fect Panda:
Pur-r-r-fect Panda

We stumbled upon another group of panda-hunters at the Pur-r-r-fect Panda, a mother and her two kids. She told us where we could find the official printed map up by Gallery Place. We’ll try to seek that out on our next trip to see the pandas near the Capitol Building.

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