New Look! New Content.

Posted by barb on Aug 19, 2010 in Technical Details

I’ve updated my website at long last. ¬†I’ve wanted to do this for YEARS, and even got a good start once, but then lost it when my external hard drive reformatted itself.

I’ve trimmed most of what used to live here because, frankly, a lot of it is out of date or is available elsewhere on the web. ¬†Apologies to those of you who still use that information, but I need to move on.

I will probably move my astronomy content over to my astronomy site at some point, but I can’t make promises as to when that will happen.



Well, that was exciting

Posted by barb on Sep 26, 2005 in Technical Details

Andrew came home last Friday to hear the hard disk on the computer running our web stuff making a funny chirping noise. That’s never good. You can read about the details on blog: Recovering From a Site Crash and Crawling From the Wreckage. The good news is that it appears that we didn’t lose any data — very good news since we hadn’t actually backed anything up. I have a copy of my main web pages on my other computer, but not of this weblog or Galaxy Girl.

I’ll be catching up over the next few days. Let us know if you notice anything funky, since we certainly haven’t explored all of the nooks and crannies that could have been lost.

Update: Looks like I need to mess around with the comment template…I’ll try to do that tomorrow or Wednesday.



A Note on the New Design

Posted by barb on Jan 24, 2005 in Pictures, Technical Details

The picture in my new banner is one that I took of a leafy sea dragon at the National Aquarium in Baltimore in July 2003 at the Seahorses: Beyond Imagination exhibit (which has since moved on to the Tennessee Aquarium). Obviously I Photoshopped it a bit — I didn’t want to use a flash in the dimly-lit exhibit hall, so the original picture is rather dim, but recognizable.

Leafy Sea Dragon



A bit of remodelling

Posted by barb on Jan 23, 2005 in Technical Details

I’m going to be remodeling this site this afternoon, so bear with me if things look goofy for a while.

UPDATE: I think I’m done for now. Later I’m going to tweak a few things, but the major overhaul is done. I looked at it on Mozilla, Camino and Safari for the Mac, and it looks good. It doesn’t look exactly right on IE for the Mac, but if you’re on a Mac and you’re using IE, you have bigger problems than my website looking right. If you find any issues under Windows or Linux, let me know.



Blogging with Movable Type

Posted by barb on Apr 19, 2004 in Technical Details

Friday afternoon I had a huge scare while playing with iBlog. I won’t go into all the details, but suffice it to say that I thought I lost half of my entries (they were still there), and then, once I found them, I found that all the dates were wrong. I probably could have fixed the problem, but decided to look into other blogging software instead. Saturday Andrew installed Moveable Type for me and converted all my iBlog files to a format MT could import. I then tweaked all of the entries, uploaded all my images (and made thumbnails — cool!), and changed all the blog-to-blog links.

Don’t get me wrong, iBlog is a good package. However, I like that with MT I can edit pages on the web from any computer. (Though, with my Mac’s Airport occasionally fazing out for no reason, I may regret that…) I’ll probably play around with the style sheet and templates in the coming weeks, but for now I like the nice, clean look of the new pages.


Posted some pics today

Posted by barb on Apr 9, 2004 in Technical Details

In the late summer of 2002 I dragged Andrew out to see the Party Animals around DC. For two weekends we walked and walked and walked and walked. I finally posted my pictures from those two weekends. Our favorite was the elephant with the periodic table of elements — perhaps someday I will post the detailed pictures of that one, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. (Ooo…ooo..ooo… DC is doing Pandas this year — PandaMania)

I also updated my “Stuff I’ve Made” photo pages with the newest blanket bears (made for Sandy at work who knows three couples having girls this spring!).

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