Busy, busy, busy

Posted by barb on Dec 12, 2005 in Pictures, Random Thoughts

Between outreach activities last week and Christmas, I’ve been very, very busy for the last couple weeks.

Last Monday, Andrew and I trekked out in the evening to the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center, which has a free show every evening at 6PM. Monday’s show was Merry TubaChristmas, where a number (not sure how many) of ubas, euphoniums, and sousaphones play a Christmas program. I’m glad we went once (it’s an annual event at the Millennium Stage), but don’t think I’ll go back again, unless we have family in town.

Tuesday, I stayed at work late to have dinner with a group of Girl Scouts who are coming to Goddard regularly to participate in space-themed activities (and, by the end of the school year, probably earn their space exploration badges). Anyway, the organizer has been asking scientists and engineers from the space exploration and earth sciences labs to come and have lunch with the girls.

Pooh and Piglet watching the stars

Cat Ornaments

When I got home, I dragged Andrew off to pick out a tree.

Wednesday evening, I decorated the tree (a few of my favorite ornaments are pictured to the right, but I haven’t gotten a good picture of the whole tree), and made spritz cookies.

Thursday I was busy all day at work, preparing for two meetings in the afternoon and my Teacher Thursday presentation at the Maryland Science Center in the evening. The talk went fairly well (though not quite as well as the one I gave at the UMD Observatory a couple weeks ago). The weather forecast called for snow after 10PM, which kept many people away from the museum. But, my talk was being webcast to a few other sites in West Virginia, Maryland, Mississippi, and New York, and one of the guys helping with AV said that he thought we had about 100 people call in for that. So, even though the audience I could see seemed fairly small, my overall audience was more than decent (and about twice what the organizers had originally estimated).

I worked from home on Friday, but can’t for the life in me remember what we did that evening. Saturday we did a bit of Christmas shopping in the morning, and then I baked Christmas cookies all day. Sunday we braved the grocery store and Michael’s, and then I finished up my Christmas baking (though I may still make divinity, because I have some left-over egg whites from the Spritz cookies).

Sugar Cookies   Sugar Cookies

This week isn’t looking any less busy, either. But, I’m having fun, which is all that matters! Hope everyone else is having a great Christmas season, too.

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It’s that time again

Posted by barb on Dec 4, 2005 in Random Thoughts

Time to plan and execute my holiday baking. Last year I made sugar cookies, thumbprint cookies, Russian tea cakes, nanaimo bars, corn flake wreaths, and English toffee.

This year I’d like to put spritz and cooky candies in the mix, which means getting rid of a couple of the ones from last year…so, I think the winners are:

  • sugar cookies (always!)
  • english toffee
  • corn flake wreaths
  • nanaimo bars
  • spritz
  • cooky candies

So, for the first time in many many years I won’t make the Russian tea cakes (a staple in my growing-up year holidays) and the thumbprint cookies (Andrew loves these, but we’ll be going to his parents’ house for Christmas, and his mom ususally makes them, so it seems silly to have them twice).

Now for the grocery shopping….



Halloween Cookies!!

Posted by barb on Oct 24, 2005 in Pictures

Have I mentioned that I love Halloween?? And, I have a collection of metal cookie cutters? Put the two together, and this is what you end up with:
Ghost and Leafs   Black Cats!

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