Dr. Who WTF?

Posted by barb on Nov 18, 2006 in Random Thoughts

We’re currently watching Dr. Who from last night, the episode titled <cringe> The Impossible Planet. All I can say is that the science is gawd-awful. Whoever is giving them astronomy information should be fired (or the person who decided to ignore any good astronomy device). Fired and slapped. Fired, slapped, and kicked in the pants.

Let’s just say that I threw my newspaper at the screen within ten minutes of the show beginning. The science has only gotten worse since then.

Astronomers have enough trouble getting people to believe that black holes are not the giant vacuum cleaners of the Universe without respectable shows (sort of) getting the the basic details of black holes clearly wrong. For example, it is not impossible for a planet to be in orbit around a black hole – stuff can certainly orbit black holes, just so long as they don’t cross inside the “innermost stable orbit”. It might be unlikely for a planet to remain in orbit after a black hole forms, but not impossible for a black hole to capture a planet.

And don’t give me this “nothing can escape the gravity of a black hole” crap. There’s a huge caveat to that statement. Nothing can escpae the gravity of a black hole once it has crossed the event horizon. Black holes don’t just “suck up” everything in the Universe – there is nothing special about their gravity.

Give me a fracking break. And if you can’t get it even in the vicinity of right, then just shut up on the science. We have enough trouble with science literacy in this world without introducing crap science.

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Dark Energy…

Posted by barb on Nov 8, 2006 in Random Thoughts

…on Gilmore Girls? How weird.

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What more could a person want?

Posted by barb on Aug 20, 2006 in Random Thoughts

Sci-Fi channel creature movie featuring a scientist who turns himself into a hybrid giant snake with qualities of a cobra and rattle snake


Pat Morita as the wizened herpetologist


a gay Erik Estrada


Good scifi evening!



Random Thought

Posted by barb on Jul 24, 2006 in Random Thoughts

Is it sad that the following came up in a google search:

The Big Rip-Off (TMNT 1987 episode)

And I instantly knew the TMNT was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?




Posted by barb on Mar 8, 2006 in TV

I’m watching Adam on Mythbusters sitting in a tub waiting to fart. And now they’re bringing the resulting vial of air to be tested for the gasses present. Are there some lines that shouldn’t be crossed…even in the name of science?

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