The Mall of America

Posted by barb on Dec 30, 2003 in Travels |

Mom and Dad worked, so I dragged Andrew to the Mall of America. I was still living in Bloomington when “The Mall” first opened. Now, to me, any mall smaller than The Mall seems just small. I still like going each time I go home, so I can see what cool stores are still there, which ones have opened since I last was there, and which have disappeared. Fortunately, one of my favorite stores, The Afternoon, was not only still there, but had expanded. Another cool store had opened, Torrid. It’s a gothy-type clothing store for real women. While it’s not really my style now, I would have killed for a store like that when I was in high school.

Andrew, of course, was bored out of his mind, but at least he now knows why I think all other malls are small.

In the evening, we went out to dinner with Mom and Dad to Pannekoeken Huis. This was a chain that had almost completely gone under. All the corporately-owned stores were raided by the IRS several years ago. Most of the restaurants closed, though Dad said there were a couple franchises that stayed open. However, none were terribly convenient to my parents’ house. Then a couple years ago, and Embers/Pannekoeken opened in Bloomington, and it seemed that we could again get our Pannekoeken fix satesfied locally. However, they tore that building down over the past year and put in a “high class” Dairy Queen. Then Dad said he found new Huises opening up around the Twin Cities.

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