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While looking at the new researchblogs.org page [which no longer exists 1/2014. -b], I saw an ice-breaker idea. The poster has used this for on-line courses, and thought that perhaps it would be good for a “real” classroom as well. I thought I’d see what I came up with.

1. Introduce yourself with 8 nouns

Astrophysicist, writer, friend, fiancé, daughter, reader, survivor, goofus

2. Explain why you picked each noun

Astrophysicist – this is what I do day-to-day. I love the sky, the stars, the magic there, even if I don’t always love the day-to-day part of being an astronomer. I’m also a bit reclusive, off-center, and eccentric, as seems stereotypical of scientists.

Writer – this is what I aspire to be. I’ve always loved writing, but never followed that dream. I do get to do some writing as a scientist and in my work administering web pages for a NASA mission. However, to me, being a writer is really about being a creative writer. That’s where I want to be. And I have started to take this back into my life after a necessary leave-of-absence during grad school.

Friend – friendships are very important to me, both what I get from having friends, and what I get from being a friend. I’m fiercely loyal to my friends, and will do anything once I let you in. But, no, it’s not always easy to get in.

Fiancé – soon-to-be wife. I’m not ashamed to identify myself as part of a couple, though I am (and was) complete as an individual. I’ve found that I am a stronger person since I started my relationship with Andrew.

Daughter – my family is also important to me. These are people I grew up surrounded by, and they can’t help but to have had a profound impact on who I am today — whether for better or worse.

Reader – More than TV and movies and the Internet, books have value to me. I may not always read the most profound novels, but the written word in almost any form is one thing I highly value (somewhat related to being a writer, huh?)

Survivor – no, not the TV show. While I may not have been through as much as some people, I have experienced my share of loss and sadness. And during those times I sometimes wondered how I would make it through to the next day, hour, minute. But somehow I’ve always pulled through. Whether I’m actually a stronger person, or just know more of my strengths from those experiences is hard to say.

Goofus – the other words didn’t really show that I have a silly side, so this seemed as good as any. I have a sense of humor, and can sometimes be found turning red while giggling about some inside joke (inside myself, that is — no one else need know what I’m giggling about).

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