Dumb Sci-Fi Moments

Posted by barb on Jul 22, 2004 in Memes, Etc. |

The article, 10 Dumb Moments in Sci-Fi Cinema, counts down the top 10 bad moments in blockbuster science fiction films. These are not dumb moments from b-films — that would be too, too easy. No, these are dumb things that occur in otherwise good movies.

The moments they describe are entertaining. For example, why would the Empire (of The Empire Strikes Back), builders of the greatest space weapon, the Death Star, use All-Terrain Armored Transports to attack the Rebels on Hoth? These AT-ATs are not exactly stable, and really don’t have much fire power…at least compared to what we know the Empire can muster.

My favorite part of the article, though, is the introduction:

Sure, the genre [science fiction] gets respect, not to mention box office yield, but the poor innocent fans are still depicted as lifeless, dateless, and wearing Vulcan ears.

But, and we say this with love, sci-fi fans often deserve the reputation. Once people overhear some pale guy with wizard hair explaining how a light saber simply isn’t possible, as the exposed plasma from the device would irradiate every living organism with a 5-kilometer radius, what are people supposed to think?  “Sexy?”


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