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Posted by barb on Mar 4, 2005 in Books, Memes, Etc. |

Here are the rules:

  1. Grab the nearest book.
  2. Open the book to page 123.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
  5. Don’t you dare dig for that “cool” or “intellectual” book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

Here’s the same thing from home:

“What’s a Pervect doing traveling with a Klahd, anyway?”
“Who’s a clod,” I bristled.
“Easy, kid,” Aahz said soothingly.

From Another Fine Myth by Robert Asprin. Certainly less intelligent that my “Work version”…more fun, too.


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