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We pulled into port at Limossol, Cyprus around 1PM. After a short bus ride (anything seems short compared to yesterday’s 3-hour ride!), we arrived at our first stop: Kourion. There was a hillside with several different archeological sites. Sadly, we only had time to make one stop: a Roman private residence with a public bath and a nearby amphitheater.

The house had amazing mosaic floors that were fairly well preserved.
Mosaic floor in the House of Eustolios_3   Mosaic floor in the House of Eustolios_10

There was also an incredible view of the ocean:
Seaview from the House of Eustolios_1

When our group moved to the amphitheater, Andrew and I skipped off to explore the theater on our own. We weren’t ready for another history lesson, but wanted instead to experience the theater without the background drone of a tour guide. We snapped a few pictures, and checked out the beautiful sea-vista from the theater.
Kourion Theater Collage

Temple of Apollo_5

As was becoming usual, our stay in Kourion was short. We hopped back on the bus and rode off to the Temple of Apollo. Much of the site was in ruins, though they had reconstructed the columns of the site, which made for an impressive picture. Despite trying to listen to our tour guide, it was difficult to figure out what parts of the site were original, and which were reconstructed – the only thing we knew for certain was that the stairs at the altar were original, while the columns were reconstructed. There were walls in the “market” area, but we wondered if those could have been original.

Street of Omodos

From there we bused through the mountains to Omodos, a small village where there was an abandoned monstetary. Rather than trying to jam into the monestary with the five other bus-loads of people, Andrew and I popped into a few of the shops and picked up a few souvenirs.

Overall, Cyprus was beautiful, and Andrew and I think that it could be a fun place to visit again, especially if we have a few days to explore the Roman ruins and small towns.

Check out all of my pictures from the day at my Cyprus Flickr photoset.


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