If I could have tweeted (2)

Posted by barb on Dec 28, 2008 in Travels |

If I could have tweeted the past couple days…

Cold. Fraking cold. Cold Cold. Fraking, frak, frak, frak cold. (Tue Dec 23, 2008 – 8:32 AM)

Ahhh hot cocoa! Good for aching feet and cold, cold, cold, me. (Tue Dec 23, 2008 – 12:48 PM)

Mmmm…Roch Voisine is still very cute. Remember swooning over him in high school French class. (Wed Dec 24, 2008 – 9:36 PM)

No, I am NOT afraid to make the drive home by myself. I realize that I’m a helpless girl, but lay off already! (Wed Dec 24, 2008 – 11:54 AM)

Merry Christmas everyone! (Thu Dec 25, 2008 – 10:14 AM)

Sigh. Missing home – either one. So “not my Christmas” here. (Thu Dec 25, 2008 – 11:58 AM)

Would you be grilling @akuchling about driving “such a long way”? Or is it just that I’m a girl? So tired of this. (Thu Dec 25, 2008 – 2:25 PM)

Score one for my grandma! Asked how long my drive would be Sat., told her 10 hours, responded “oh good, that doesn’t sound too bad.” Hah! (Thu Dec 25, 2008 – 5:10 PM)

Holy crap! We spent a lot in Canada! (Fri Dec 26, 2008 – 10:12 AM)

Packing, packing, packing. Hoping to get car packed up so I’m ready to just breakfast and go tomorrow morning. (Fri Dec 26, 2008 – 10:23 AM)

Kicking back and relaxing for the evening. Just about everything is packed up for the drive tomorrow. Yay! (Fri Dec 26, 2008 – 7:03 PM)


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