Lesson 4/09/03

Posted by barb on Apr 9, 2003 in Saxophone |

Tonight’s lesson went marginally well. I remembered to ask about an “open embouchure”, and Fred told me not to worry about it. He really just wanted me to know that it could be done, not that I should worry about it yet.

I’ve been working on the William Tell Overture for a couple weeks now, and I thought I had it pretty good. I still have trouble breathing, though. And, when I played it tonight, I consistently missed one of the “ba da dum”s. Weird…it sounded right to me when I played it warming up tonight. Oops.

I also played from low C to high C# using all of the half-steps, and it looks like I know what I’m doing. Yay! I’m playing pretty slowly right now, but some of the fingering feels weird.

I got a new book tonight, too. I’ll start practicing out of it Friday (symphony tomorrow).

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