Biking to Alexandria (finally)

Posted by barb on Jul 6, 2003 in Biking, Pictures |

Yay! We finally got to take our bike trip to Alexandria. It’s somewhat difficult for us to plan bike trips for now, since I’m not able to go great distances. The two books Andrew has of bike rides in the DC area start at about 7 miles, which I could do, if they weren’t all listed as “hilly”. The rides quickly get longer. But we cut one of the trips in half, by not returning to our starting point. We can do this because Metro allows bikes on the trains during off-peak hours. (That’s me on the train…trying to ignore the fact that Andrew is taking a picture.)

Me on the Metro with my bike

The path we’d chosen was a total of about 7.5 miles, but with getting to the Metro, getting from the Metro to the start of the path, etc. I put a total of 10.6 miles on my bike (plus a bit more, because the sensor for my bike’s computer jiggled out of alignment for a bit – read great post here about that). Next time I’ll try to enjoy the scenery a bit more — the path goes right along the Potomac, with a great view of the Lincoln and Washington Memorials, as well as the Kennedy Center, and I may have caught a glimpse of the capitol in there too. Unfortunately the rechargeable batteries I bought with my new camera suck, and I couldn’t take any pictures (the picture of me on the Metro drained the batteries completely…that and the pictures of Felicia, the PhD Candidate bear, were the only pictures I’d taken on this recharging.)

I’m looking forward to getting out again soon!

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