Lesson 7/23/03

Posted by barb on Jul 23, 2003 in Saxophone |

The last two weeks of lessons were cancelled, so I wasn’t expecting much this week. (I tend not to practice much without the fear of humiliating myself at an upcoming lesson.) However, I really surprised myself! Not only did I finally get that Mozart Minuet out decently (on my second try), but I also was able to play Sailing, Sailing (yes, the cheesy song I remember humming as a kid whenever I was in a boat) quite well, even though I’d only played it through a couple times at home.

In fact, Sailing, Sailing was a bit of a triumph for other reasons. It’s written in G major, which has F#. Unfortunately, the first F I came to, I played it natural, and I could hear that it was wrong. Instead of going with my first instinct of stopping, uttering an expletive, and going back a couple measures, I played it as if I hadn’t done anything wrong, continued the song, but the next F I came to, I played F#. Cool! (This might not sound like a triumph, but my first instinct of stopping is not the right thing…playing through is.)

Fred also mentioned that of his adult students, I seem to be getting the best sound. That, despite my old, notoriously out-of-tune horn.

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