Book Embargo

Posted by barb on Aug 1, 2003 in Books |

We’ll see how long the embargo lasts, because I love buying books.

Here’s the deal I made with myself: No new books until I’ve read at least 20 books on my to-read shelves. I’ve already had to make an addendum to this agreement, since I’ll be visiting Minnesota at the end of the month. The significance of that is that my favorite book store, Uncle Hugo’s , is in Minnesota. It’s a locally owned bookstore that carries new and used science fiction, fantasy and horror. (There is a sister bookstore in the same building, Uncle Edgar’s, that carries mysteries.) I want to do my part to keep Uncle Hugo’s in business, so I’ve decided that I can buy any number of books while I’m there. However, that number of books will then be added on to the 20-book mandate. Sigh.

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