MN State Fair — Stuff on a Stick

Posted by barb on Aug 29, 2003 in Pictures, Travels |

A lot of people I’ve met in my years since leaving Minnesota just don’t understand the whole food-on-a-stick craze that I’ve described to them. So, on my trip to the MN State Fair this year, I decided to document some of the food-on-a-stick. Here are my results:

A hot dog on a stick — that’s not too weird. Most of us call them corn dogs or proto pups, though.
Hotdog on a stick

Perhaps cheese on a stick isn’t that weird, either, since Minnesota is farm country.

Cheese on a stick   Cheese on a stick - 2

I suppose condiments on a stick isn’t all that weird either…what were cocktail toothpicks invented for, anyway?

Pickles on a stick   Olives on a stick

Now, these are a little weird —
Pizza on a stick   Spuds ona stick

Pork chops?? (And not just at one place!)

Porkchop on a stick   Porkchop on a stick - 2

And don’t forget dessert!
Waffle on a stick   Pie on a stick

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