Isabel Hits DC

Posted by barb on Sep 18, 2003 in Random Thoughts |

I didn’t even attempt to go in to work today. Goddard was open (despite the federal government, the surrounding school districts, the surrounding county governments, and even DC’s Metro transit system all being closed, Goddard had to stay open for the morning). About 11:30 this morning an e-mail was sent around that the center was closing, though, and will remain closed tomorrow.

So, we’ve had a quiet day at home. We cleaned a bit, since Mushi is planning on coming up this weekend. And then settled in front of the TV. At about 4:30 the power flicked off. Then flickered a couple more times before staying off for a couple hours. Andrew made dinner by candle light (we have a gas stove, but electric oven), and then we played a game of Scrabble (I won! Yay! Only my second win against Andrew). During Scrabble the power came back up, but it flickered a couple times before staying on. We aren’t bothering to reset our bedside clocks just yet…

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