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Posted by barb on Oct 25, 2003 in Biking |

It was 36 degrees (F) when we got up, which was just a bit cold for me, but we waited until the sun came up before we went. I’m thinking that this will be our last bike ride of the year — I was chilled. I know that some people like the feeling of cold air in their lungs as they exercise outside on a cold day. However, I find it painful. I had learned this long ago about myself when my family used to cross-country ski in the woods behind our house, but in my long years trying to forget winter, I had forgotten. Oh well, the bike ride was fun anyway. It was good to get out one last time.

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been out on the bikes. I do bike about four times a week on our stationary bike, but of course it’s not the same. I started to get disappointed on this ride, because I found myself tiring out after just a couple miles. Just six weeks ago I was ready to do the WABA 12 mile ride, and today I could barely do a few miles. In the end, we did 5 miles.

Then I started to think about it more, and recalled that when we started biking this spring, I was barely able to do 2 miles. So, frankly, if 5 miles is now a “bad day”, I think I can be pretty darned proud of that.

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