Killing Time

Posted by barb on Oct 13, 2003 in Books |

by Caleb Carr

In the year 2023, information comes at a fast and furious rate. In order to process it all, people can’t afford to scrutinize all the information with the care that it might require. This is the perfect environment for false information to be diseminated.

While investigating the murder of a friend, Dr. Gideon Wolfe finds evidence of faked information — information pertaining to the assassination of the United States president. His subsequent investigations put him in the middle of a jailbreak, and right into the group perpetuating the deceptions.

I could not get into this book as much as Carr’s other novel that I’ve read, The Alienist . For one thing, I could tell that it had been serialized, because every single chapter had to end with some kind of leading or shocking sentence. That got a bit old. Also, like a few other books that I’ve read lately by other authors (e.g. James P. Hogan), this one was a bit too preachy on the state of the world today.

All in all, not bad, but not great.

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