Weird Dreams: Astronaut and a Mammogram

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Dream 1: I was chosen to be an astronaut on a mission. This decision seemed to be made like a lottery, with names drawn at random, and the winners had to be ready to go right then and there. I got suited up, and the started to fasten myself to my station on the ship. This consisted of attaching a bunch of magnet-like things around my feet and strapping my torso in to the wall. However, when I got done, I was standing, but everyone else was in a squatting position. One of the other astronauts came over and suggested that I might prefer sitting, but there was nothing to sit on. I unstrapped myself, and went searching through this large warehouse-like building, trying to find something to sit on. I finally found two small ramps that I could put together to form a box-like thing to sit on. By then I realized that I really needed to use the bathroom, and thought it would probably be a good idea to go before getting myself strapped back in. So then I went in search of a bathroom, and started thinking about how astronauts use the bathroom in space. I also started worrying about how many Gs I’d be experiencing during take-off, and wondering if I’d be able to handle it. I started to think that it was a bit weird that they were sending several of us out without any testing or training. I woke up at about this point, and needed to pee very badly.

Dream 2: I decided to get a mammogram, and since I’m too young, according to the prescribed ages of my health plan, I went to the mammo-van when it came by my area. I wanted to do it earlier than prescribed because I had a cousin who developed breast cancer in her 30s, and I was nervous (this part is true). So, I went to the mammo-van, and got a number. Oddly enough, the van was more like a building with long hallways. I found that I was constantly in the wrong place, and when they were ready for my mammogram, I still had my shirt and bra on, so I started undressing there in the hallway. The nurse or technician did drape a paper vest over my shoulders, but it did little to cover me up. Then I went into the room and woke up.

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