Lesson 12/10/03

Posted by barb on Dec 10, 2003 in Saxophone |

Fred and I were working on a duet this evening that I wasn’t yet very comfortable with, and he suggested that it might be a good time to work on playing vibrato. Vibrato is where rather than playing a note smoothly, you hover around it in a controlled fashion. Sax players used to do this all the time to hide the imperfections in the tuning of their horns. Since I have an old horn, and there are a few notes that are just not in tune, it’s something I should know how to do. The trick is that vibrato is done with the jaw. Not the lips or the mouth, but the jaw.

I’m continuing on with duets, working on three (but I don’t have my book handy to see which ones they are).

I also picked up a book of Christmas music, but they are all fairly simple, so I’ll be just playing them for fun on my own.

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