Lunch Box Memories

Posted by barb on Jan 8, 2004 in Pictures, Travels |

Earlier in the week I noticed that a lunch box exhibit was coming to the Museum of Design in Atlanta. I love lunch boxes. I don’t exactly collect them, though I am trying to complete my Star Wars collection (the original movies — I have Star Wars and Return of the Jedi). I also have a Battlestar Galactica lunch box, complete with its thermos. As luck would have it, the Museum of Design is on the block between the Hyatt (where the AAS meeting is being held) and the Hilton (where I’m staying). So I ducked out of the conference for an hour this morning to catch the exhibit.

Star Trek lunchbox   Star Trek lunchbox

I’ve actually seen this domed Star Trek lunch box at an antique shop. I believe it was going for about $900 when I saw it 5 years ago. I don’t recall if it had the thermos or not (though I suspect that it did).

Display of space lunchboxes   Close-up of some of the space lunchboxes

There was a display on how the space race influenced lunch boxes — of course I thought these were about the best ones they had. I’ll have to keep an eye out in antique stores for these 🙂

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