NASA and the Moon

Posted by barb on Jan 28, 2004 in Science Musings |

I saw this article on Salon today:

Senators skeptical about Bush’s NASA vision

Skeptical senators grilled NASA administrator Sean O’Keefe on Wednesday on whether President Bush’s vision of returning astronauts to the Moon and exploring Mars is feasible in light of strained federal budgets. … To pay for the project, Bush plans to request a 5-year, $1 billion increase in NASA’s budget with an additional $11 billion diverted from other NASA projects.

Since I work at NASA, it might be bad for my career, politically, to say much about the Bush moon-plan. Let me just point out two things: 1) I do not work for the human space flight division; and 2) Note that in the text I included above that part of the plan is to take $11 billion from other NASA projects.

‘Nuff said.

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