Meeting with Kim and Chris

Posted by barb on Feb 6, 2004 in Thesis/Grad Life |

I met with Kim and Chris today, finally. Unfortunately MCG -6-30-15 was not quite done (273 out of 290 spectra were fit), but I could still show them the majority of my results. MCG -6 continues to be an enigma, though that’s nothing new. It’s been well studied over the years, and it has been shown to display unusual behavior.

The good news is that we are starting to be confident in the results from my pipeline, so I am going to go ahead and fit more sources over the next month. I’m also continuing a bit more with MCG -6, including doing some hardness ratios and color-color plots. I also need to write scripts to do flux-resolved spectra to compare our results from time-resolved spectra. We suspect that the results will be different, since flux-resolved spectra may smear out any short time scale changes (i.e. changes on the order of a day to a week).

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