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After interviewing our first photographer for the wedding, Andrew and I decided that since we were already south of town that we would just drive to Pentagon City to check out the Wizards of the Coast store there, and to have a Valentine’s Day Dinner.

Hee hee hee. That was our first mistake.

Getting from the photographer’s house to the mall seemed like an easy enough thing, especially armed with driving directions from Yahoo. We got to within a mile or so, and missed the turn-off that the directions told us to take.

Okay. No problem. We’ll just turn around.

Except that we were on 395, where there was no exit for 3 miles. When we finally did get off, I had Andrew look at the map. But, of course, we didn’t know where we were. By the time we figured out where we were, I had already passed another exit marked “Pentagon City”. Oops. We decided to make one more pass at it, and if that failed, we’d head back to more familiar territory.

Fortunately, we made it on the next pass. We went directly to lunch/dinner (it was nearly 3 PM at that time, but we had not had lunch yet) at Chevy’s, complete with dessert (as any good Valentine’s Day dinner should have).

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