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I remembered to bring my camera today, so I dragged JD over to Building 7 to look at the new Swift display that I put together. It’s supposed to be a light box display, but I hadn’t been able to figure out how to turn the lights on.

The display is on a walkway around a high bay area, on the second floor. We followed the wires from the display down the wall under the walkway. To figure out where it went from there, we went downstairs, and followed them straight into a wall. Oops. JD counted the steps to the door so that we could try to figure out which room the cords went into from the hallway outside of the high bay. Unfortunately, they went into a closed room, since this wasn’t our building, we didn’t feel like we could just walk in.

Someone in the hall suggested that we talk to the facilities manager in the building. Well, that would be too easy, plus we didn’t know his name. Fortunately this random person did know his name, and we went to hunt John down. (Actually, his office was right across from the room where the wires disappears…convenient.)

Sadly, John didn’t know how to turn the light boxes on, either. He led us into the room where the cords disappeared, and at the other end of the cords, we found a plethora of circuit breakers. Of course, none of them were labeled.

John did claim to know someone who would know how to turn on the boxes, but was unable to find him. I took a few pictures of the display, anyhow, since the display is bright enough to see without the lights on (unlike the Cobe display that preceeded it).

John called me later in the afternoon to tell me that he’d found out how to turn them on. Sixteen new light bulbs ought to do it. Apparently, they are always on.

Here’s the whole display:
Swift Display - all of it

Panels #1 and 2
Swift Display I

Panels #3 and 4
Swift Display II

Panels #5 and 6
Swift Display III

Panels #7 and 8
Swift Display IV

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