Another odd dream

Posted by barb on Apr 28, 2004 in Uncategorized |

I had more odd dreams last night. I don’t really remember them as a coherent story like the one I had the night before, but I remember disconnected bits and pieces.

In one part, Christopher Walken was giving himself a tatoo at the mall. There was a tatoo artist set up at a kiosk, and Walken was sitting in the chair with a tatoo machine etching a cool-looking castle tower on his arm. When I came back later, the artist had some designs up, and the castle tower was not among them. Instead there were only cutesy bears and children.

Later, there was a case before Judge Judy (one of my guilty, embarassing pleasures) about a pet sitter who did not give the dog her medication. In the dream, I kind of bounced between watching the case and living the events in the case. We were looking desparately for the dog’s medication in this woman’s kitchen. It wasn’t there — the cupboards were messy, so even if the medication was there, we might not have found it. Then we watched the owner take the dog to the vet. The dog was in bad shape, and the vet tried to do what she could, but the dog died anyway. I remember thinking, “How odd, we’ve never see that part of the case on Judge Judy. How did they know to follow her around with the camera?”

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