Artemis Fowl

Posted by barb on Apr 10, 2004 in Books |

by Eoin Colfer

Since Artemis Fowl’s father, Artemis I, disappeared at sea, his mother has not been playing with a full deck. Twelve-year-old Artemis II has taken it upon himself to attempt to replenish the Fowl fortune. His plan? Acquire fairy gold. However, the fairy he kidnaps just happens to be a member of the Lower Elements Police force (a LEPrecon).

I found I didn’t know who to root for. Artemis, while sympathetic because of the loss of his father (and subsequent loss of his mother), is portrayed as evil. Holly, the LEPrecon Artemis kidnaps, is sympathetic, but a bit of a flake. The LEPrecon forces sent in to deal with the situation ranged from likeable (Foaly) to hate-able (Cudgeon).

This was a fun, fluffy book, but I doubt I’ll be running out to find the second in the series.

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