Lesson 04/21/2004

Posted by barb on Apr 21, 2004 in Saxophone |

Pretty good lesson tonight. Knocked off two duets — one an 18th century piece, the other a Rossari piece (#s 31 and 57 in the Voxma book). The Rossari piece is actually fairly easy, but sounds cool and is a good warm-up piece, so we may play it again. The other one has been the bane of my existence for quite some time. We muddled through it again today, and Fred decided it was good enough.

We went through the book and picked a couple new pieces to try, so now I have one old piece, a Haydn Menuetto, two pieces from last time, Gigue by King and Tamburin by Chedeville, and two new ones, Minuetto by Hoffmeister and a piece by Devienne.

Next week Fred wants me to bring in a piece of music that Andrew’s been working on. Fred has ordered a book of duets for alto and tenor sax, and thinks that we might be able to transcribe it to work for alto sax and cello. That could be fun. (I’m not sure if sarcasm was intended there or not.)

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