Lesson 04/28/2004

Posted by barb on Apr 28, 2004 in Saxophone |

Fairly good lesson. We jumped right in to the duets I’ve been working on. I was surprised that I was able to get through a couple of them — I’ve been working on Gigue by King and Tamburin by Chedeville, but wasn’t confident that I’d be able to play them with Fred. I still need to work on them, in particular I need to speed up Tamburin, and there are a couple passages in Gigue where my fingers get tied up (though, while we played, I was able to jump back in where I was supposed to).

Fred also showed me the next duets book. Yikes! The pieces get much longer. I need to stop skipping the repeats in the pieces I’m playing to start to build up my stamina.

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