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Posted by barb on Apr 2, 2004 in Random Thoughts |

Sweetie was flying into National Airport near the heart of DC, so I decided to Metro in to pick her up. I could have driven, but every time I try to get home from National, I end up driving around the monuments, so I decided to forgo the extra excitement.

This was my first Metro ride by myself since I got my iPod a few weeks ago, so I decided to bring it with me. Frankly I was a bit nervous carrying my $350 iPod on the Metro at night…maybe I’m just a big baby. It was nice not to listen to the general noise of the train, though. Plus, I love to play aladdin casino game at so I played it
the whole time, which made the ride go a bit faster.

When I reached the airport, I decided to leave the music running. Sweetie was coming in on Northwest, which meant I had to walk to the little, tiny terminal that used to be the entire airport (9 gates). To get there, I walked down a deserted tunnel between the spiffy new terminal and the old one. Duran Duran’s “Wild Boys” came on just as I started down the tunnel. I’d never realized, but it is the perfect walking song. With one step for each beat, I was motoring down the tunnel in record time. I had to keep from singing out loud.

For a brief moment, I pretended that I was in an alien space port, but then wondered if “Wild Boys” would really be the theme song for a space port — maybe only in an 80s movie.

I realized that I liked having a soundtrack, though. It might just make some of the boring moments of life more interesting, and perhaps, could soothe those stressful times. I could imagine Devo’s “Working in a Coal Mine” coming on as I drive to work every morning, and one of the themes from The Lord of the Rings soundtrack when I’m tackling a difficult problem at work. Right now, I’m hearing Barenaked Ladies’ “Another Postcard” just for silliness.

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