Out of Time

Posted by barb on Apr 11, 2004 in Books |

by James P. Hogan

Time is disappearing in New York City. The losses seem worst at airports, TV stations, and telephone switchboards. When a scientist from the National Academy of Sciences suggests that the time is being stolen by aliens in a parallel universe, the case of larceny falls to Joe Kopeksky from the NY Bureau of Criminal Investigation. He assembles an unlikely team of himself, his assistant, an engineer, a scientist and a priest to solve the case.

Fun, short book (really a novella). I was caught up in the mystery from chapter 2 on, wondering what physics-oddity Hogan had thought up for this story. I probably noticed a few things that a non-physicist may have had to wait for the exposition to catch on, but was still intrigued, and didn’t find the exposition overly annoying.

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