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I’ve been trying to think of fun bike trips that Andrew and I can make — like going to Hole in the Wall Books in Falls Church (we were about a block from there, as it turns out, when we stopped and turned around last weekend).

In last week’s Sunday Source, there was a blurb on a fun-looking mini-golf course in Herndon. We decided to look at our VA bike trails map, and see if there was a way to get there by bike. We found something promising and it was going to be about 7 miles each way if we started from the point on the W&OD trail where it crosses Hunter Mill Road. Andrew was concerned that I’d be able to make that, but I reminded him that besides being stubborn, we would be stopping and taking a break after the first half, so I should be fine.

So, we put the bikes on the car, and headed up. I noticed that I was going fairly slow much of the way (8-9 mph), so was concerned that last week was just a fluke, but later realized that the entire trip out was on an incline. It was a small incline, but incline none-the-less. Our plan was to follow the W&OD up to Wiehle Avene, then take Wiehle to Baron Cameron, Baron Cameron to the Reston Parkway, and the REston Parkway to Drainsville. That would have at least gotten us close.

Well, the sidewalk on both sides of the road disappeared from Wiehle just after North Shore Drive (the second time we crossed it, because it’s a big loop around Lake Anne). So we decided to take the North Shore Drive to see where it would take us.

It took us to a farmers market and craft sale in a little shopping area around Lake Anne. Cool! We locked up the bikes, found Reston’s Used Book Shop, browsed the crafts, bought some kettle corn, and sat by the lake. It was a very pleasant morning diversion.

When we left, we continued around North Shore Drive (spotting Baron Cameron Avenue just outside the farmers market), and headed back to the car. Total miles: 9. It’s not as far as last weekend, but the way was much, much more hilly. In fact, I made it up two hills I never thought I’d make…cool!

Lake Anne in Reston

Lake Anne in Reston

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