Lesson 05/19/2004

Posted by barb on May 19, 2004 in Saxophone |

Good lesson! We played through Gigue, Tamburin, and Minuetto.

The Minuetto has four different sections that are repeated, and since I’m trying to build up my stamina, we’ve been playing all the repeats lately. After playing through the last section the first time, I went in for the repeat, which starts with a measure with just my part playing, and I hear Fred playing the beginning of the piece (it has a D.C al Fine). We stop for a second, and I look at him, “We’re playing the repeats.”

“I though we already repeated that part,” he says.

“No, we repeated the first part of the Trio, but not that second part.”

“Well look at you. You’re all on top of this and wondering where I am. Okay, let’s play through that, but we’ll say it’s the last repeat, and then go back to the beginning.”

Heh heh heh.

Of course, then we tried some sight reading of some Bach pieces that Fred had, and then I was put back in my place. For some reason I just can’t sight-read.

Next week we’re going to have an hour-long lesson to make up for some of the ones I’ve missed. I better practice like a maniac this week.

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