Biking the W&OD on my own

Posted by barb on Jul 3, 2004 in Biking |

Andrew and I were going to go down to Georgetown to go panda hunting, but Andrew’s back started to spasm about half an hour before we were going to leave. He seems to be doing okay, but it continues to twinge at odd times, so it seemed best not to do all that walking today.

So, I packed up my bike and drove up to the W&OD trail to get some biking in. I first tried to park at the Hunter Mill Road lot, but the car in front of me got the last spot, so I drove down to Vienna and parked there. The one thing I had forgotten was that while biking out of Vienna, north towards Reston is all on a slight down-grade. That’s all well and good, but that means that the last 3 miles of the trip back to the car is on a slight up-grade. That’s a miserable ride, especially with temperatures of 85° F and 50% humidity. Oh, and I reached bicycle-seat intolerance around mile 8, making that last two miles a real joy. Oh well, at least I got out and met my 10 mile goal.

Total miles: 10.1

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