More Games More Fun, Week 3

Posted by barb on Aug 12, 2004 in Memes, Etc. |

We finally had our third games class tonight — it dragged on due to scheduling problems, but was well worth the wait. Tonight’s games were:

  • Drunter & DrĂ¼ber, a silly German game. The board is a grid with spaces containing either buildings, outhouses or nothing. The town rebuilt, forgetting to put in walls for protection, a river for water, and a road. So, our job is to lay down tiles with wall, river or road. It’s perfectly okay to cover over a building, but to destroy an outhouse requires a vote.

    At the beginning of the game, each player is given a type of building that they are protecting, so they have to try and direct the building of road, river and wall so that their buildings are still standing at the end of the game.

    I creamed everyone. Hee hee hee

  • Manhattan, which, oddly enough, is another German game. In this game, you place buildings in one of six areas, in positions determined by cards held in your and.. You can build on top of another building as long as you will have at least as many floors on that building as the player with the most floors. You get points at the end of each round by how many buildings you hold (someone “owns” a building if theirs is the last piece played on that building), how many areas you have the most buildings, and the tallest building in all of Manhattan.

    Fun game, but the other two players ganged up on me — still a bit sore, I think, from our game of Drunter & Drüber.

Overall, this was a fun class, and I suspect that we will be taking another class from the same teacher — but not this fall, because life is just too busy right now.

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