Go Ask Alice

Posted by barb on Sep 26, 2004 in Books |

by Anonymous

I picked up this book to read and release in honor of Banned Books Week. It has been one of the most challenged books of 1990-2000.

This book is the diary of a teenager who gets caught up with drugs and struggles to free herself both from the drugs and from the stigma of having been part of “that crowd”. This is an excellent book, even 30 years after it’s first publication, and can certainly speak to teens of today. However, the book does not answer any questions, but should instead be used as a springboard for communication about drugs and their dangers.

I’m not sure why this book has been challenged so much, since it does not glorify drug use. I suppose it also talks about how great a high can be, which could make drugs more attractive; however, if anyone actually reads the whole book, including the epilogue, they will understand that the dangers far outweigh the highs.

A note from Snopes: this book is actually written by Beatrice Sparks, an author who has written several books, all purported to be true stories, about teens who’s lives are ruined by drugs, pregnancy, sex, etc.

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