A bit of remodelling

Posted by barb on Jan 23, 2005 in Technical Details |

I’m going to be remodeling this site this afternoon, so bear with me if things look goofy for a while.

UPDATE: I think I’m done for now. Later I’m going to tweak a few things, but the major overhaul is done. I looked at it on Mozilla, Camino and Safari for the Mac, and it looks good. It doesn’t look exactly right on IE for the Mac, but if you’re on a Mac and you’re using IE, you have bigger problems than my website looking right. If you find any issues under Windows or Linux, let me know.


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Jan 23, 2005 at 6:51 pm

Looks good with Firefox on FC2. I checked individual, category, monthly – and it all looks good to me.
Nice design!


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