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From Preposterous Universe:

Lost in the confusion is the crucial point: that observations like these represent the first steps towards what will be a major project over the next couple of decades, mapping out the spacetime in the vicinity of black holes. Plans are in the works for ultra-high resolution X-ray satellites like Constellation X that will directly image the inner edge of accretion disks near black holes, and gravitational-wave observatories like LISA will open an incredibly precise new window on the way in which black holes curve spacetime. At least, if we can somehow find the money — and really good science stories have an important role in making that possible.

Here he is discussing some results from the AAS meeting that appeared in the press this week. I’m sitting behind the Constellation-X booth in San Diego as I write this, and it’s nice to see that someone understands the importance of these upcoming missions. In all the “Exploration” flap, HST has been the recipient of much sympathy and rallying. However, there are some important planned missions that are coming under the axe (or at least having their budgets hammered) that are not making it into the headlines. I’m not saying that we should let HST go, but it would be nice to find someone in the press fighting for us as well.


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