Cats and Pills

Posted by barb on Jun 29, 2005 in Cute Pets |

A word of advice: The next time the vet gives you a prescription for your cat, and the vet’s assistant suggests that a pillgun might help, don’t think to yourself, gee, she’s just a small cat, and we’ve got two adults in the house, how hard could it be? Don’t be an idiot. Just get the pill gun.

Andrew and I have been struggling with Artemis for the past two weeks, giving her two pills in the morning and two in the evening. More than once it has ended in tears. She refuses to swallow, she drools, she holds the pill behind her tongue and spits it out… Frequently the first pill would go better, but not always, and there was always a bit of a struggle.

When we picked up a refill, and saw that the vet had reduced the pills to one pill twice a day, I was tempted not to get the pillgun, but in the end decided to get it anyway. Last night and this morning, we shot the pill in and she swallowed it right away. No tears. No drooling. No hiding the pill behind her tongue.

What f***ing idiots we were…


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