Odd Dream

Posted by barb on Jun 2, 2005 in Random Thoughts |

I’m not sure where the dream started out — it felt like a high school assembly, and my best friend from high school, Heather, was there with me. However, later in the dream I was on an aircraft carrier with a very scary sea rocking the ship a lot.

Anyway, we were in the assembly room, waiting for the speaker, and someone handed out sheets of paper with suggested questions. The speaker came out and it was President Bush. After talking for a while (about what I have no clue), he took questions. There weren’t many people in the room, and no one was asking questions, so W walked around and badgered people for questions. He ended up back with me and Heather, and kept looking between us, asking what we wanted to ask. Finally, I read one of the questions from the paper: “What are you doing to ensure that US jobs stay in the US?”

His response was something along the lines of: “There’s not really anything I can do about that, but we are going to be bringing in a lot of jobs by building a large oil pipeline.”

I didn’t catch the “oil pipeline” part of it, so I just nodded and then asked Heather what he had said. When I found that out, I wanted to shout something back at him, but he had left the room by then. I spend much of the rest of the dream formulating what I would have said, if I could have. It was something like: “What exactly does raping the environment to ensure that your Republican cronies can drive their monstous Hummers have to do with bringing jobs to your citizens who need it most?” Though I never got the chance….I think I saw W again in the dream, but didn’t get the opportunity to say my “clever” response. (Thank goodness, since I would have looked like a total idiot…)


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