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Posted by barb on Sep 5, 2005 in Biking |

A few weeks ago we biked into Ballston along the W&OD trail most of the way from Vienna. When we looked at our bike maps later, we discovered that the W&OD trail ended about 5 miles from where we peeled off the trail. So, today we decided to go to the end of the trail. It was 11.5 miles from Vienna — 23 miles round-trip. So close to our 25-mile trip goal!!

Along the way, there is a swampy area with lily pads, oodles of turtles, and even a frog. We stopped to snap a few pictures — there’s a frog in one of them, though it’s a little hard to make out. If you click through to the Flickr picture, I have a “note” on the picture, showing where the frog is. The other picture has a turtle sunning itself on a small branch. Before we left, the turtle had slid off the branch and disappeared under the lily pads.

We stopped at a Shell station near the end of the trail on our way back for some juice, and Andrew wondered why the station seemed so dead. They were out of gas. I hadn’t seen that yet in our area, but both the Shell and the BP across the street seemed to be out. After we got back on the bikes, we saw another station (Amoco) about half a mile down the trail that did still have gas, and they were selling it at $3.59 per gallon (for regular). And we thought $3.29 was bad a couple days ago.

Total miles on the bike: 23.2 miles


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Sep 6, 2005 at 4:04 pm

So I guess biking to work is next huh? Gas is outrageous!!


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