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Me, Happier with my haircut

I’m happier today with my haircut than I was on Monday. The difference? For one, all of the “product” is now out of my hair, and I’m no longer dizzy from the fumes. Also, I can actually run my fingers through my hair without catching it on some crusty goop. The other difference is that I have my hair pulled back. I never wear my hair down completely – there’s always a barrette or two, a clip, a headband or a wrap holding it out of my face. Frankly, I think I look much cuter with it pulled back. (And, it doesn’t annoy me as much.)

My hair feels funny on my head, though. I suspect this won’t last much longer, as I’ll get used to it fairly quickly. The difference is that it swings more than it did when it was another 12″ longer. I find myself swinging my head from side to side just to feel it move.

Oh, one other thing. Someone left a comment on a couple of my Flickr pics of my hair and haircut. The comment said something like, “Too bad Locks of Love will probably just sell your hair. They only make 20-30 wigs a year, and sell the other donations.” I deleted the comments and banned the user from commenting on my pictures. According to the Locks of Love website, they use donated hair to manufacture hair pieces for children who have been nominated by a parent, nurse, or doctor.

But, I would be fine if they did sell my hair and use the proceeds for synthetic wigs. Human-hair wigs are expensive, and according to the Locks of Love website, it takes 6-10 ponytails to make one wig. And, they still have to pay the manufacturing cost, which I imagine is expensive (they only list the retail price of the wig, which is $3500 – 6000). Synthetic wigs are much less expensive, and, according to a wig FAQ are much easier to care for.

The commenter sounds like a bitter person who can’t see past their own selfishness.


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