Me, World-Famous Photographer!

Posted by barb on Mar 9, 2006 in Random Thoughts |

A couple nights ago I got an e-mail from a journalist, Robin Washington, from the Duluth News Tribune asking if they could use one of my photos of Rio the dolphin from the Minnesota Zoo. Turns out that Rio died this week at 35 years old, and this journalist was writing a short piece on Rio and an encounter he’d had with the MN Zoo dolphins years ago. I agreed, as long as I got a copy of the paper.

Robin also left a message for me at work, which I listened to yesterday – he admitted that it sounded like a weird request, apologized for stalking me, and promised that it wasn’t a crank call.

I looked for the article on-line yesterday, and it was there in an article titled “…as another Minnesota ballplaying great passes on.” Unfortunately, my picture is not on the on-line version…not sure if they used it in the paper or not, but if they did, Robin promised to send me a copy.

So, now I have a photo published in a Russian magazine, and maybe one published in a mid-size town newspaper. Maybe I should add these to my resume!


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My Silly Life
Mar 17, 2006 at 11:52 am

My picture was there!

I posted last week that a paper in Duluth, MN wanted to publish a picture of mine, but I wasn’t sure if they had published it. Well, yesterday I recieved an envelop containing a copy of the Duluth News Tribune…


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