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Posted by barb on Mar 17, 2006 in Random Thoughts |

My plan last night was to go to a movie with Andrew, then go home and drink a pitcher of margaritas (due to a stressful day at work). Instead, I went to a movie with Andrew, and then went home to bed with a migraine. I’d rather have had the margaritas.

Normally I don’t remember dreams during a migraine sleep, but last night I remembered a few. Yikes.

The first dream I had, during the worst part of my migraine started with Andrew and I underwater. We had a clear bubble-thing over our heads so that we could breath, but our legs were in the water and we walked along a reef. We were following a tiger shark to find where it hibernated (yes I know that sharks don’t hibernate, but this is a dream, so anything can happen). On the way we saw a “coral snake” in the muck. When we found the hibernating tiger sharks, we switched to an opaque breathing bubble so that we could hide if the sharks woke up.

Eventually Andrew left the bubble to check out some things, and shortly after that the room we were in (the ocean changed from an ocean to a flooded-out room, but with really high ceilings and mushy-ocean-like floors) started getting more air in it. Rather than the air rising to the surface, an odd layer of air formed so that there was a few inches of water on the floor and then the water picked up again near the celing of the room. I took a shower in this odd underwater room, but kept feeling like there was less and less oxygen available. After my shower, I saw an alligator chase one of the tiger sharks in the layer of water above me.

Eventually Andrew came back and we left the room, being careful not to upset the coral snake. Shortly after that I woke up.

So, a dream featuring a snake, sharks, and an alligator, all underwater. According to Dream Moods, these all indicate being wrapped up in emotions. Hmmm…maybe because of bad news at work?

I don’t remember the other dreams I had last night in the same detail, but a few snippets of them has stuck with me. In one snippet, some friends and I were at a picnic table at a popular mall, and I said fairly loudly, “You know Jessica Simpson snubbed the president yesterday” (from a news story I saw yesterday). Just as I said “Jessica Simpson”, she walked past our table an into the ladies’ room. Ooops. We all joked at the table that I had some power to call celebrities, so I turned and started to say something about Harrison Ford, but it didn’t work.

Another dream had me revising The Empire Strikes Back, but it was much, much different. Luke was deathly ill and just wanted to die, and a friend and I were trying to spy in Cloud City, and ended up impersonating maids in some cubicles in the back offices of Cloud City.

I normally have weird dreams, but the migraine ones seem to take the cake. I’m ready to return to dreamless migraine-sleep (or, maybe, no more migraines!)

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Mar 17, 2006 at 9:09 am

Yes, I hate migraines. What was the bad news at work? Was it going around yesterday – as I got some too and woke up with a headache as well! :OP


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