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You know the saying, “you don’t need to be good, just lucky?” Well, it’s a good thing I’m usually pretty good, ‘cuz I’m sure as hell not lucky.

The traffic report on the radio mentioned an accident on I-66 this evening, so things were backed up a little bit from the Beltway to Nutley – exactly how I usually get home. Sometimes I ignore the warnings on the traffic report, and about half the time I regret it and half the time I don’t see what they were talking about. This time, though, the Beltway was backing up about three miles before the I-66 exit, so I bailed out on Chain Bridge Road.

Big Mistake.

Chain Bridge is always busy, but not usually stopped for longer than one red light, except at the first light into downtown Vienna. Today, however, it was a nightmare. In fact, it was closed in the middle of Vienna, and there was a one-lane detour around the problem. A one-lane detour that took 45 minutes for a net distance down Chain Bridge of one mile.

I can’t win. Traffic around here sucks.


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