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Andrew's spiffy new biking outfit

We finally got out on the bikes again today. Yesterday it looked like rain in the morning, so we decided to scrap our biking plans, catch the farmer’s market in Vienna and finally see Superman Returns. It was wet outside this morning, but the sun was out, and despite’s report that we had 80% humidity, we decided to brave it. As it turned out, it wasn’t that bad for biking. The temperature wasn’t too high and there was a bit of a breeze which helped with that humidity. The clouds returned for a while and we felt a few drops, but all in all not bad weather for biking.

And Andrew finally got to try out his new biking outfit we bought him over a week ago. I’d been raving about how much I loved my biking clothes – the padded shorts, the water-wicking material, and of course, the fashion statement it makes.

Our destination was Hole in the Wall Books. We’ve biked there several times, but usually we drive the bikes up to Vienna and bike from there. Today we just biked from home. That adds about 6 miles to the round trip total, and, actually, without that the ride has become almost too short for us now.

Disturbing man-feeding-pigs statue in Falls Church

When we got to Falls Church, we biked up Broad Street a bit to a statue Andrew had seen on his last trip to the doctor. He had thought it was a man with a bunch of dogs. What was it really? A disturbing statue of a farmer feeding slop to a bunch of pigs. WTF? The statue is outside Don Beyer’s Volvo, and apparently Don Beyer Sr. was the one who commissioned the statue. Just weird.

Little Yellow wildflowers

Trip miles: 17.2 miles (or so &#150 my bike computer keeps resetting itself at random, even while I’m in the middle of biking)
Weekend miles: 17.2 miles
Season miles: 236.3 miles


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