Too Hot to Bike

Posted by barb on Jul 15, 2006 in Around DC, Pictures |

Four Spring screen by Dewing

This weekend was just too hot and too humid to bike. Friday night we went to a movie (The Devil Wears Prada, if you’re wondering), and I felt like I was having trouble breathing just walking into the theatre. Gotta love 80% humidity with >90° temps.

So, we took the opportunity to knock off a couple items off of our summer “to-see” list.

One item on the list was a small exhibit at the Freer Gallery called Pretty Women. It was an enjoyable exhibit. I didn’t snap any pictures, but did get one by one of the same artists featured in the Pretty Women exhibit.

Next on the list were the Muppets at the American History Museum. The museum has a display of Muppets voiced by Jim Henson, and some later Muppets from The Dark Crystal (the latter ones are not near the 3rd floor display of the other Muppets – you’ll need to search a bit, but I think they were on 1st floor, if I remember correctly). The display is only up until September, when they’re closing the museum for renovations. Here are a few of my pictures (I’m posting thumbnail sizes to fit more pics in this entry – click an image for a larger view at Flickr):
Early Muppets voiced by Jim Henson Swedish Chef Later Muppets voiced by Jim Henson Emmet and Ma Otter Muppets from Him Henson Dark Crystal Muppets_1

Smithsonian Carousel

After lunch, we walked down to the Air & Space Museum to see Magnificent Desolation, and IMAX movie about the moon landings. The movie was really cool, and probably the closest I’ll ever get to walking on the moon. We still want to see the Roving Mars IMAX movie (also at the Air & Space), and Aliens of the Deep (at the Natural History Museum) – looks like we’ll have to make another trip down to the Smithsonian this summer.



Jul 18, 2006 at 8:37 am

I was wondering where you saw the Muppets – I saw them on Flickr before this entry was up! I love the Muppets – esp. Beaker. Was he there? I was working in NYC a few years back when Macy’s used the Muppets in their big window display for Christmas that year. I just stood there gawking at Beaker – I love him…so my co-workers made fun of me and ended up giving me a Beaker to remember them by when I left that job. Guess I’ll need to get us down there!

Jul 18, 2006 at 8:51 am

Sadly there was no Beaker — my flickr pics represent all of the Muppets there. I’m guessing that Jim Henson didn’t voice Beaker, which seemed to be the criterion for the display.
Beaker is my favorite, too! I’ve always had a soft spot for the Swedish Chef, though. (Maybe because my heritage is mostly Swedish?)


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