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80s Questions:


Did you own a LightBrite? Yes. Technically, it was probably one of my brother’s, and by the time I got around to playing with it, many of the bulbs were gone. But I loved that thing.

Play with a Strawberry Short Cake doll? Yup. It was a gift from one of my aunts. I don’t know how much I played with it, but I loved the smell.

Played with GI-Joe doll? I’m not sure. My brothers certainly had GI Joes, and I probably played with them, but they didn’t leave a big impression.

Had a He-Man or She-Ra toy? No.

Owned a Slinky? Yes! I still love Slinkies! I’m not sure how long they lasted when I was a kid, though, since they always seemed to get tangled when I played with them.

Had a Jem doll? No.

What about a Cabbage Patch Kid? Try three. My neices play with two of them now. The other is dressed up as Captain Picard and lives in my home office.

Owned a Big Wheel? No, but I always wanted one.

Traded Garbage Pail Kids? Yes.

Had a Popple? A who?

Had a Pound Puppy? Yes, they were so cute!


Did you watch the following cartoons?

Thundercat – No

Jem – No

GI Joe – No

Rainbow Brite – No

Care Bears – Yes, I think so

He-Man or She-Ra – No

Fraggle Rock – No, it was on HBO, and we never had the pay-channgels on cable. (Still don’t, in fact.)

Shirt Tales – I don’t think so.

Jabber Jaw – No

Smurfs – Yes. It was the smurfiest!

Transformers – No

Mighty Mouse – No

The Littles – No


Did you watch….

A-Team – No

Charles in Charge – Yes

Full House – No

Dukes of Hazzard – Of course! Those Duke-boys were so dreamy!

Cosby Show – Occasionally, though I never saw the big deal.

Hee-Haw – Once or twice.

Miami Vice – I don’t remember. I remember the characters, and could convince myself that I watched it, but I’m just not sure.

Knight Rider – Yes.

Punky Brewster – Yes, but I didn’t admit it then.

Pee-Wee’s Play House – Yes.

Saved by the Bell – Yes.

Silver Spoons – Hell yes! Ricky Schroder was the dreamiest!

Just the Ten of Us – No

Cheers – Yes.

Dallas – No.

Love Boat – Yes. My Mom loved this show, so I’d watch with her.

Incredible Hulk – Yes.

Styles of the 80s

Did you have big bangs? I tried.

A mullet? No.

Like Michael Jackson’s music? Yes.

Know the Golden Girls theme song? Probably.

Wear Kangaroo sneakers? Yes. Though the tiny pockets weren’t really good for anything more than a quarter or a neatly folded dollar.

Own a pair of Guess Jeans? No.

Like Ocean Pacific clothes? No.

Wear Jordache jeans? No, but I had a pair of glasses frames that were Jordache branded.

Own anything LA Gear? No.

Watch MTV a lot? No. We weren’t allowed to watch MTV – my parents believed that it was evil.

Have a pair of high tops? Yes.

Have a Trapper Keeper? Yes.

Own a Swatch watch? Yes.

Did you love the 80s? I have a love-hate relationship with the 80s.


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