Gah. I need a shower!

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Andrew and I were coming home from DC on the Metro. It’s a Saturday, and we were boarding in the middle of DC (Metro Center, for those of you familiar with DC), so naturally we had to stand for a little while. At the first stop, one guy got off the train, leaving a complete seat empty (i.e two seats together). I quickly went to grab it, but the guy’s bag was still in the seat. Andrew tried to call after him, but the guy had already disappeared. We took back our places next to the door, and just before the doors closed, the guy came back on. We thought maybe he was just coming back to grab his bag, but turns out he was doing god-knows-what out on the platform, and left his bag to hold his seat.

The second stop, he disappeared again, but I saw that he didn’t have his bag in his hand, so I figured he’d be back again. He was. During the ride to the next station, he approached a cute girl who was standing near Andrew and me if she wanted to sit next to him, since he had a seat free. I wondered if she was pregnant (her back was to me at first), and thought, well that’s nice. Nope, turns out he just wanted a pretty girl to sit with him.

At the third stop, the seat behind this guy freed up, so Andrew and I grabbed it. I didn’t really pay him much mind anymore, since I could engross myself in Mini-Golf on my spiffy new video iPod.

At some point (not sure how many stops later), I heard an odd sound – at least, odd to hear on the Metro. I heard a tinkling, like water being poured. I looked around, and noticed the guy in front of me kind of hunched over in his seat, his head bowed looking at his lap.

He couldn’t be, I thought. But kept watching.

After a short time, he shook one of his hands, which was in his lap, and zipped up his fly. In his other hand, he had a styrofoam cup.

I gave a horrified look to Andrew, who was reading his book. He looked back at me uncomprehending.

The guy got up at the next stop, and took his styrofoam cup with him. Thank the goddess, since that was no Mountain Dew in his cup.

I was ready to throw up. As soon as the door closed, I turned to Andrew and said, “That guy peed in his cup.” I convulsed with the willies. Gawd. A guy had peed into a cup in the seat in front of me. Gah. Gah. Eew. Then I made Andrew move to another seat, at the other end of the train.

But. WTF? I mean really. What has to go through someone’s head to think that that is even remotely okay? Seriously? What? I would never, in my wildest dreams think that it was okay to pee in a cup on a public train. Do people really have that little respect for their fellow human beings? Gah!

And I can tell you that it’s going to be a while before I can take the Metro again. I mean, last time I did, someone peed in a cup.


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Apr 30, 2007 at 9:13 am

That’s just nasty. I’ve never seen that, but I did once see a homeless guy in Albuquerque pee on a US Mailbox.


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